Nintendo Wii


So I bought a Wii for the HSM. It’s been great. Students are enjoying it trying it out cause many don’t have a chance too. It’s funny to watch them play it too.

During the week, we’re sharing it with all the student ministry staff. That actually has been kind of neat. Each of us in each house have a Mii. And as a community, we’re all enjoying it together and talk about it. We all have friends over each time it’s at our house. I hear Drue and Camille were at the guy’s house to play some baseball. Hopefully the Schlatter’s will come over tomorrow and we’ll all play together. I’d love to see my parents play. It would be great. My dad’s a gamer and always used to move the controller as Mario jumped 🙂

It’s more of a community builder game system than a typical “gamer” platform. That’s good. My favorite games are multiplayers from way back to the NES Play Action Football days.

What’s really sweet is Heather has enjoyed it as well. We love to bowl, and now we’ve been getting into golf. I’m a pro at golf, bowling, and boxing. Hate the pro ball though. So does Heather, she throws a game so they’ll knock her down to amature and give her her old ball.

Nintendo did a great job on this one. I hope they are very successful. Wii Play is coming out in a couple of weeks. I have it on reserve. It should be fun as well.


~ by darthpastor on February 2, 2007.

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