Pop quiz hot shot…what do you do?

So the big game is today.  I’m pulling for the commercials.  I hope they win big!

I wake up this morning, check my email, and I start reading news articles about how the NFL has banned church super bowl parties. The main problem they are having is copyright infringement. Probabily half of the churches with projectors in this country have some kind of party planned.

I have an idea of what adjustments we’re going to do this afternoon for HSM. But what do you do? I mean, on one side, it’s such a small issue, on the other side, it’s breaking the law.

It’s unfortunate that what is meant as a community building event gets shut down because of greed.  It seems the sponsors would like it more if more people watched together.

So what would you do?


~ by darthpastor on February 4, 2007.

One Response to “Pop quiz hot shot…what do you do?”

  1. I say they have enough money, and non-profits should be given certain exceptions.

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