“Boys cook and girls can’t.”

That’s what Judah said to me the other day while he and I were cooking dinner. It made me laugh because it’s the exact opposite of the typical stereotype. But it got me thinking about a quote I was reading the other day.

“The early conception of God is almost invariably founded upon the child’s idea of his father.” J.B. Phillips

How I treat, love, spend time with, teach, and discipline my kids will determine what kind of God they believe in. That’s an enormous power to have and an even greater responsibility to do the right thing.

The longer I’m in ministry more I believe that parents have so much control on what their children eventually become.

I gave a talk in Big Church when I was at SOL talking about this same power that parents have. One quote I remember,

“Kids are more influenced to loose weight by their fathers than anyone else including mothers and media.” A study from Newsweek

Fathers: Our children are listening to us. Our children are watching us. Are we living our life so that they are seeing Christ? Or are they seeing something else?


~ by darthpastor on February 14, 2007.

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