Youth Pastors Conference Night 1

So tonight was the first session in the youth pastor’s conference. It’s almost more of a big networking meeting as opposed to a conference. It’s more of group discussions facilitated by a CIY staffer. Tonight they divided us by age so my group was all around 30.

It was interesting to hear the perspective of my group. Most of us have been in ministry for a time now. I’m finding a couple common themes.

Family: A major joy in our life is our family. Many of us had young children. A few in the group have had struggles with getting pregnant. We all struggle with balancing our spouses and ministry.

Significance: Ministry wise, we have kind of “been around the block” yet I sense a need in all of us for the acceptance of people above us. One guy’s thought was that he didn’t want to run it all but he did want to be heard or involved in the conversation when it comes to big church decisions.

I’m hoping the rest of the conference will go well.  Tomorrow morning is Deep Sea Fishing at 5:15am.


~ by darthpastor on February 21, 2007.

One Response to “Youth Pastors Conference Night 1”

  1. how was fishing? never gone deep sea fishing…sounds like fun

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