My Wife’s Addiction

OK, I must confess. I’ve come to a weird point in my life. You see, in the almost 9 years I’ve been married video games have been kind of a sensitive subject in our marriage. So, when I picked up the Wii for HSM, I wasn’t sure how my wife was going to react.

But, surprisingly she really enjoyed it. “This is great!” I thought to myself, “We can finally play games together!” This is something I have always wanted.

We started together with Wii Bowling which was great fun. I was hoping she’d get into some of the other games and it turns out she did. But now, it’s like she’s obsessed.

The game is Wii Golf. And she always wants to play just that. Nothing else, just golf. She’s consumed with trying to beat her best score (She’s at a -6 while I barely have her beat at a -7). As I write this blog, she just got a hole in one on hole 4! (I’ve yet to get a hole in one).

All I know is that I’m thankful that she’s playing video games with me. It’s been a whole lot of fun. If she beats my score I won’t know what to do. But I am hoping for a new game that she will enjoy so we can have some variety.

Life is funny.


~ by darthpastor on March 2, 2007.

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