My son, the Jedi!

Yesterday was the first Friday in a while where we got to really take off as a family. We hit the California Science Center where they had a Star Wars exhibit with props from the movies. That was pretty cool for me. Seeing the costumes and lightsabers was cool.

We saw the land speeder…

And we saw some Wookies…

And a bunch more. Then we headed over to DL and Judah got to go through the Jedi Training Academy.

Where he fought Pohhh Pahhh (Darth Vader) himself.

While he was being cheered on by his beautiful little sister.

It was a great day for all of us. Great memories. Judah really took it to Darth Vader with his saber. And you should have seen his face when he came back with his diploma!


~ by darthpastor on March 3, 2007.

One Response to “My son, the Jedi!”

  1. hey dusty,
    i wish i could have been there. my niece and nephew r so cute. It really makes me sad that i havent seen river yet , and judahs growing up so fast. im at church right now and im kinda scared because its the first time that its church since the accident. by the end of the day im probably going to be balling my eyes out. well im going to to go now so ttyl

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