Up, In, and Out

So I wanted to write about one of the core philosophies I operate within when it comes to my life, student ministry, or ministry in general. I’ve been focusing on this for the past few years. I really started thinking about it after processing stuff like Purpose Driven, Willow’s 5 G’s, or even Mars Hill’s Directions. So I’ll just put them out there and see what you think.

I think we should always be thinking about moving in three directions in our lives.

Up Arrow

Up: We should strive to have the best relationship with Jesus as we can. Up is all about loving God and drawing closer to Him.

In Arrow

In: As we get closer to God, He draws us closer to each other. That draws us in through community. If Jesus is in the center of every relationship we have, then we’re doing well.

Out Arrows

Out: As a community, we also need to be thinking of the needs of others. We should be looking out to serve the world and show them God’s love. By putting others above ourselves we avoid being consumers in this world and become contributers.

So, for my own life, I strive to live in those directions. For HSM, we try to base everything we do on these three arrows. It’s nothing complex, nothing rocket science, but it keeps us focused on what we’re doing. If you look at past HSM series or events, you should (hopefully) be able to see what direction we’re point at.


~ by darthpastor on March 9, 2007.

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