Weekend Wrap Up

Date: March 18th
Attendance: Average
Lesson Topic: Heroes: Ordinary People doing extraordinary things. This Weekend we talked about saving the world one person at a time. I shared about how to have that one person you’re always thinking about to share God’s grace with.
Fun Factor: It was my birthday, Jessica surprised me with cake and everyone sang to me and gave me a card. It was nice to feel loved.
Volunteer Involvement: The HSM staff is pretty awesome. They genuinely care about the students. I know if they weren’t here, many needs of students would go unmet or even unheard.
Program: Things went well. The band sounded great. Scott did a lot of work making them sound and look good.  We had an interview of a student who had recently brought a friend of hers to Christ.  It was pretty neat to see the process and then talk about it.
Student Response: We had major interaction during D-Groups.  Also, next week we’re planning at least two baptisms.
Personal Student Interaction:  I had many students come up to me and express thoughts on the talk.  It was good to pray with them and for the people in their lives they want to share Jesus with.  Afterward was fun too talking to the students.  We have some great students at HSM and I’m so glad I get to be apart of their lives.  I went home and read my birthday card and was deeply moved by the messages written.  The students here have touched my heart and it’s awesome to live life with them.


~ by darthpastor on March 19, 2007.

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