Gravity Conference Prep

So I had a conversation with a youth pastor I met years ago named Bruce Jones from Oregon. When I was in college, I attended a couple of his summer camps and they were life changing. So in preparation for the Gravity conference I gave him a call and tried to glean as much as I could from his wisdom. Here’s a few nuggets…

  • Any camp can have good games, a band or a great speaker and tickle your ears for a couple weeks but then students go back to their “old life” once the “camp high” wears off. The key is to try to give students a learning experience that will walk away from with tools and a passion and a reality of how they’re supposed to show others Jesus.
  • Try to create situations for students to fail in a controlled situation. And do this early on so you can teach them how to do better next time.
  • Going into a ministry situation, you will have a vision that you think needs to happen. But God may want to change the direction. So your attitude and programming should be able to have clear direction with a flexibility to move if God wants to move in a different direction.
  • Prayer needs o be a major part of the process. Get the big church prayer ministry in on the action by having them pray for each student by name and by face (picture) before and during the event. Have them in staff meetings walking among the staff as a silent prayer walk. Have them praying during main sessions that God would move. Then when a student has made a step toward Christ, relay the message back to the prayer warriors so they can celebrate as well.

It was great to talk with him yesterday. He’s so far beyond the thinking of most youth ministries and he’s been doing it for years. I hope to get more time with him in the future.


~ by darthpastor on March 21, 2007.

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