Off To Mexico

So tomorrow we’re heading down to T.J. for our Spring Mexico House building trip.  This will be the largest trip Scott and I have taken so we’re excited!  Our students will be building 4 houses!

Here’s some things people can be praying for:

  • That God will open the hearts of each team to the needs of others in the world both spiritual and physical.  And that they will act to meet those needs.
  • Some leadership students will be called to missions ministry.
  • Relationships with students can be built and great God stories will be able to be told through our experiences.
  • Safety during the trip and no problems on the border.

This is one of my favorite trips to do.  Just thinking about helping a family meet the simple need of shelter is pretty neat.  I’m thankful we are so close to another country we are able to do this as a ministry.  And I’m looking forward to Manzana Lift & brain tacos!

Pictures will be posted when we return.


~ by darthpastor on March 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Off To Mexico”

  1. have a good trip!

  2. wow ur going to mexico again lucky, well i hope u have fun there ill be praying for you,but yeah i might be able to go to montana this summer im so excited

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