Mexico House Building Spring 2007

We had a great Mexico trip this past weekend. Took 52 on the trip and we had a blast building 4 houses for families. Here’s a few things I took away from the weekend.

  • Take the second exit to get on the via Rapida, not the 1st. (That was an hour long detour…or as I like to say, a tour of Mexico!)
  • Mexico doesn’t change the daylight savings times as early as the US. (That meant even after our hour detour, we were still early!)
  • Only in Mexico can you go backwards on an exit ramp! (You need to have great stories when you go to Mexico.)
  • El Gordo: Tongue tacos taste like stew meat, brain tacos still taste like roast beef (I told you Marcella!), and there’s nothing like carne asada and a Manzanita del Sol after a great day in Mexico.
  • There is so many people in need who right next door to us.
  • Parkcrest Students really have a serving heart. We had no complaints the whole weekend and the students worked hard.
  • I’m looking forward to the incoming freshmen. I had many of the 8th graders on my team and they rock! I can’t wait to have them in HSM. I can understand why Scott is sad to see them go.
  • Parkcrest Students really have a giving heart. On our way home we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. While we were there, a man approached me and asked for prayer for him and his family. He said he had cancer and they were trying to get up to Portland and needed $15 dollars to pay his hotel bill off. I prayed for him and then went to the students and told them his story. Within ten seconds, the students gave me $89 dollars to give to the guy. So I asked a few of them to go give him the money and they prayed for him and his family. It was awesome just to see the generosity within the hearts of our students. I was pretty proud.
  • Our adults Rock! Everyone had a great time and was very flexible. I’m so thankful for the adults who went on this trip.
  • Rent 4 Less is shady. Once again they tried to rip us off and we had to be pretty firm in order get the prices they promised us.

Here’s a few picts for you!

Here’s before…

And here’s during…

A little bit more…

A roof on top…

Add some paint…

And after…

Here’s some of our team…

The Family…

Here’s all of Parkcrest! Proud of these guys!


~ by darthpastor on March 27, 2007.

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