Weekend Wrap Up

Date: April 1st

Attendance: Above Average
Lesson Topic: Heroes: Ordinary People doing extraordinary things. We wrapped up this series talking about how Jesus is the ultimate hero. We then had stations kind of like a journey to the cross examining hero qualities in Jesus.

Fun Factor: Jess had a great idea to do an easter egg hunt as the students walked in. It totally upped the energy. I was thinking, we should have an easter egg hunt every week. Maybe not.

Volunteer Involvement: Ryan did a great job doing worship for us. Even though he doesn’t like my pants, he’s got a great attitude and they rocked. Everyone else did a great job with the stations. End Scene.

Program: The talk was short but the stations seemed to do well. Some groups really took it seriously while others kind of goofed off. It game me some insight on planning for the Gravity and how to prepare the adults. Kozmo really set the tone when the students came into Live for the worship time. We wrapped up with Jessica baptizing a student and it was pretty awesome!

Student Response: The worship was great both before and at the end. They seemed to enjoy it. Many times, what a student puts into the ministry is what they will get out of the ministry.

Personal Student Interaction: Once again, the connection time before HSM was great talking with students. I had a good prayer time with a couple of the students at the end as well.


~ by darthpastor on April 2, 2007.

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