Heather and I saw Bobby this last weekend. It was pretty powerful. Based on the last day of Robert Kennedy’s life. My parents tell me that so many people had high hopes for this guy. After hearing him, I can totally understand why. Here are some thoughts after seeing the movie.

  • I’m not big into politics. But he would have had my vote. He’s unlike any politician I know of. He’d win today if he were around.
  • I appreciate his optimistic outlook of hope and love he had on the rest of the world.
  • Fear and hate that was so prevalent then and is pretty strong now. It is a reactionary instinct. We need to be constantly fighting those negative attitudes and strive to live the way of love and trust. This means risk, but I believe it’s the way God would have us live.
  • It seems like many “not great” things in this world are allowed to happen because, “That’s the way it is.” Wouldn’t it be great if people stopped excusing this world and started saying, “I want it to change?”

~ by darthpastor on April 9, 2007.

One Response to “Bobby”

  1. hey so yeah i cant text for like another month or so because i have to wait until i get more minutes but i think ur whole wii thing is awesome, i love playing boxing heathers just crazy for liking the golf thinging but bye bye and i love and miss u guys very very much

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