Date Night

Heather and I had some good friends watch our kids for the night last week and we got to go on a date. We were so thankful cause normally when we’re on a date, we’re also thinking about getting back to the babysitter. This night, we had not curfew so it was pretty nice. We decided to do a girl thing and a guy thing to make things even. Surprisingly we both enjoyed both things.

Girl Thing: Pedicure

Heather’s wanted me to get a pedicure for a while now so finally we were able to do it. And I have to say, it wasn’t that bad. They sit you in a massage chair and let your feet soak in warm bubbly water. Then they trim your toes and clean them up. By then you’re starting to get really relaxed. Then they massage your feet and calves. That felt so good! And they pull on your legs stretching them out, you just want to fall asleep. It was pretty nice. Here’s a pic of the end product:

As we both were floating out of the nail salon I checked movie times and we had like an hour and a half to kill. So we decided to get some dinner. We headed over to Tokyo Hibachi, a Japanese slice and dice. We went to one of these when we were dating and really enjoyed it. So we got to do it all over again and it was great. Best of all we were able to split a plate and order an extra fried rice and get out of there under $30 completely satisfied.

Guy Thing: 300

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since my birthday and it was not a disappointment. Heather enjoyed it as well. The thing I love about those kind of movies is the friendship between men of honor. All of these men were lifelong friends who were loyal to the end. They looked after one another’s back and put their life on the line for the other. That type of community is something worth being apart of. The Xerxes character was the typical Satan character showing how he tries to tempt us in many ways and many angles to not do the right thing. You could almost picture Jesus’ temptations in the same manner.


~ by darthpastor on April 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Date Night”

  1. dude…allison told me that you were going for the pedicure…i totally forgot to make fun of you.

    but now i don’t need to. this line after you describe your pedicure does it for me…

    “As we both were floating out of the nail salon…”

  2. hehehe heather told me about this i called u a pansy boy but my nephew called me and told me that u where trying to get me to call me aunt bully melissa but he didnt want to. lol ur sons a big talker just like heather ttyl and love ya very much

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