Weekend Wrap Up

Date: April15th

Attendance: Average
Lesson Topic: Wii: It’s not about Me. We kicked off the 40 days series introducing the topic. We talked about how God created us all to live in community. It’s evident especially in teenagers the need for community. Most of the time, the only time you see a teenage student alone is if they’re grounded.

Fun Factor: After the program and a short re-connection time with D-Groups we did an isolation activity where each student was required to accomplish a different task. The catch was each task required more than one person to do it so they had to help someone else and be helped by others. Everyone had a blast and we ended with Root Beer floats!

Volunteer Involvement: We gave each staff the new Wii shirts that Scott designed. They look sweet! It was good to see them reconnect with students after spring break.

Program: Things went well for the kickoff. Scott M did a sweet job with the video mixer mixing the Wii logo with a moving background. It looked awesome. We also had some “invisible glow powder” that each of the greeters put on their hands and we also put it on a volleyball before the service. Our goal was to touch every student who came in. Then at the end of the talk, I talked about how community affects each of us and good community spreads. Then I took a black light and passed it around showing everyone had interacted with someone that night. The students realized that their hands or shoulders were glowing because someone greeted them that night. It was pretty neat.

Student Response: Students love friends. They love interaction with their peers. This is going to be a good series I can feel it!

Personal Student Interaction: Had some good conversations with a couple of new students who attended for the first time. And I was totally proud of some other students who made them feel welcome and invited them into their D-Group. It was great to see HSM students reaching out because they genuinely love other people.


~ by darthpastor on April 16, 2007.

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