Orange Conference next week

So I’m heading out to Atlanta next week for the Orange Conference with Scott (JH), Susan, and Shelly (Children’s Ministry). I’m not sure what to expect. It looks kind of like Catalyst but it’s supposed to be about blending children’s and student ministries.

So does is anyone going to this? Any pre-conference thoughts? I like Atlanta. I’m looking forward to getting together with the Granger staff. And I really want to go to that restaurant where the old lady goes around and greets you and massages your shoulders.

I’m looking forward to Donald Miller who’s always the gold of a conference. He’s a cool guy who seems like he genuinely cares for others. Plus, he’s from Oregon which makes him awesome.
Chap Clark will be there as well. I got to meet him and listen to his “Hurt” talk a year or two ago. It was great stuff and an excellent read that gives a picture of many of our students perspective today. He tends to come across…how do I say it…extremely confident in his presentation from my perspective…next subject.

Lanny & Reggie will be cool. Lanny Donohoo likes Scott. When we were at Catalyst, he gave Scott his God blog book for free when said he was a poor college student. His signature and message on the inside cover was hilarious.

I’ve heard nothing but good about Nancy Ortberg and Francis Chan. Sue Miller is known to be pretty creative in Willow’s children’s programming. Nancy Beach is the backbone behind most of the creative stuff at Willow so she should bring some good stuff.

I suppose my first thought is that there’s a big children’s ministry presence headlining the conference and the big name for Student ministry is Chap who (with no disrespect) has been out of practical ministry and teaching in at Fuller for years.

I’m looking forward to it but I’m also curious as to where they’ll be going. I know that children and student ministries across the country are two different monsters that tend to butt heads more often than not. There is a need to unify their efforts. Yet, there are many philosophies that run contrary to each other that I want to see addressed.

I might as well share a thought and see where it goes. One example (and I’m open for discussion on this) is that a major difference of student ministry and children’s ministry is the philosophy of protecting the children/students from the world and evangelism. A major value (and it should be) within children’s ministry is protection of the children from outside influences. Yet in Student ministry, adolescents tend to independently attend away from their parents opening a door to Christ follower students intermingling with students in no way following Christ.

Now from a parent’s perspective, there could be a concern of their child being exposed to a different way of life and being corrupted. And then there’s the other idea of teaching students to be “light in the darkness”. If I need to explain this more I will. However, I see a tension between the two philosophies that will cause friction.

Any thoughts? Anyone going to Orange? This post is too long. I’m always too wordy.


~ by darthpastor on April 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Orange Conference next week”

  1. Hi!
    I’m going to Orange. I think it will be worthwhile, too.

    There are definitely distintives in the way a youth pastor approaches ministry compared to a children’s pastor. That’s a big subject and has at times really been a difficult in local church ministry for me (27 yrs children’s pastor, 6 years middle school pastor- some of that concurent; mentored high schoolers the entire team in ministry teams.)

    Blessings! Enjoy Orange!

  2. Cool maybe we will see each other there!

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