Orange Conference Night One

So the Orange conference got kicked off tonight. After a looooooong flight we made it to Atlanta and we’re looking forward to a good time. It’s been fun hanging with Susan, Shelly, and Scott.

Here’s some thoughts from the first session.

Reggie gave the talk after an entertaining time from Lanny and some worship. Here are some highlights.

How we do ministry will always be changing to make the gospel easier to access.

Acts 15: Are we making it difficult or easire for people to come to know God?

Then he introduced the five main ideas of the conference:

  • Stragety: Plan of action with an end in mind
  • Message: Reduce message to important components (less noise).
  • Community: People need a place to belong and people who believe in them.
  • Family: Partnering with family to give them a common direction, message, and support.
  • Influence: It’s not about getting students to do something but to be something.

I really like that last point, challenging students to be something instead of just doing something. Scott and I have been planning a “Made” series that is hoping to do just that, show students who they were made to be. I’m looking forward to it coming up in a few months.

Here’s some picts…

This is a room we found at the conference site. It used to be a bar or restaurant. I thought it would be a great front room for a high school room. The bar could totally be a snack bar with flat panel screens around it. It would rock.

Here’s a few shots of the conference…


~ by darthpastor on May 7, 2007.

One Response to “Orange Conference Night One”

  1. Sounds cool. My mom and one of my best friends (Yancy, she’s speaking!) are there now, too. Can’t wait to read your comments about the rest of the conference.

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