Orange Conference Day Three

I’m writing this a week later cause this last day I was wiped and it’s taken some time to process. Let me just say Donald Miller is the man. He’s the kind of guy you’d just want to hang out with. He’s from Oregon, maybe that’s why he’s so cool.

Here’s some thoughts on the main session:

  • Why does the Bible have so many stories but rarely stops to explain the meaning?
  • Why does the church feel it’s our responsibility to explain the 5 principals of each story and then put the principals in an acronym?
  • When you look at the epistles, what is the narrative behind the letter? What is the story behind why he wrote the letter?
  • Our culture is not asking the questions the Bible is answering. (The Bible is a “why” book when the US is a “how” culture.)
  • How are you apart of God’s good story:
  • A good story conveys what is worth living, and dying for.
  • Elements of a good story:
    • The protagonist has to want something. (Is what we want selfish or worth dying for?)
    • There is a conflict/tension that opposes the dream. (Conflict helps us appreciate things, we will always have it.)
    • There is always a resolution. (How will your story end? The climax part…what will happen?)
  • Many of our students are looking for a better story to live because we haven’t given them a role that is worth being apart of.

We hit the Nancy Beech breakout which was on mentoring, very good. Then we hit Donald’s breakout which was amazing! It would be too difficult to explain.  I wish you could have sat there the entire hour as he took us on a journey.  But let me sum up his main idea at the end.

  • Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a tree with branches.
    • Trees take time to grow.
    • Our culture wants it now.
    •  Jesus is not the “magic pill” we take and all our problems will go away.  He is our Savior but he’s not going to come in and magically solve all of our problems.  God uses those problems and conflict to teach us about him.
    • Conflict is where I learn about God.

We had to leave early and I heard Jeff Foxworthy showed up for the last session.  Bummer we missed him but Donald and Ortberg was worth the trip.


~ by darthpastor on May 14, 2007.

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