Orange Conference Day Two

Day two was alright. Francis Chan did a good job this morning despite the power going out right in the middle of his talk. Everything just went dark with a big boom. He just sat down at his table and drank some water and we waited for them to boot stuff back up. It was funny.  His church is doing some amazing things like giving half of their income away, building an interactive educational facility for schools to come and visit, and rethinking sacrificial giving as a church.  He’s full of humility and compassion and that is contagious.

The breakouts were the best by far today for me. Nancy Ortberg’s Leadership was all gold. So much stuff on teamwork and meeting leadership. I learned so much.

Breakout #2 was on self leadership by Jeannie Stevens. She did an excellent job. Most of the stuff was review for me but it was great. Self leadership is one of the most difficult things, yet most important things we need to do.

The last session was probably the weakest. I’ll leave it at that.

Tomorrow’s Donald Miller!

Here’s some thoughts I walked away with…

  • I love Willow’s mindset about community and conflict in a community where people can be open about things in a safe environment. But at Willow, is it truly that way or is it just inspiration talk to motivate people?
  • I need to change the way I meet with my team.  We could get so much more done and be so much more fulfilled with the time we have.
  • Francis Chan Quote: “Have you ever seen a kid that’s so well behaved you want to go home and hit yours?”
  • “Love your neighbor as yourself.”-Do we take that literally?  Do we really give our neighbors our best or our leftovers?
  • God to us: “I don’t care what the gift is, I’m just glad you gave it.”

~ by darthpastor on May 14, 2007.

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