Weekend Wrap Up


Date: May 13th (Mother’s Day)

Attendance: Below Average (Maybe next year we’ll cancel and tell them to spend time with their mothers.

Lesson Topic: Wii: Community. Amy gave the message on community. She did a great job, one of her best. One point that stuck with me is that in church community isn’t something that your parents force you to do, it’s a decision that you have to freely initiate. The burden is on the student on whether they’re getting community or not.

Fun Factor: It was good to just have students connecting all over. Everyone just enjoyed being together.

Volunteer Involvement: The few, the proud that came. But Kristina was kind enough to give shoulder massages to the mothers. And our adults are just so awesome and loving toward the students. They genuinely care about these students and their lives.

Program: It was a solid program, no real glitches.  Scott led “We Win” By DCB.  I love that song and I thought we’d never get to see it.

Student Response: Everyone engaged and had a good time.  We did co-ed small groups cause of the low attendance and that made them open up even more.

Personal Student Interaction: I sat in on a D-Group led by the Walker’s.  They did a great job and the students were cool.  I also got to talk to a bunch of students about upcoming Gravity stuff which I’m pumped about and I’m looking forward to the students being involved in the program.


~ by darthpastor on May 14, 2007.

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