Weekend Wrap Up

Date: May 20th

Attendance: Average

Lesson Topic: Wii: Reach Out. I gave the talk on how to reach out to friends.  My whole aim was to get students genuinely love God and care about those around them with no strings attached.  If they were to do this, people would be begging them to know about God.

Fun Factor: Volleyball was great outside in the park next door.  We had such a huge circle of people.

Volunteer Involvement: I’ve said it before but our adults genuinely care about our students.  In a couple weeks the groups will be taking a break for summer and I truly know the adults will be missed.

Program: It was a solid program, no real glitches.  Scott led worship again and I need to say the cowbell was awesome!  Also, we need more students involved.  I think this whole Wii thing has been great but in the process of planning, we’ve left students out of the mix a bit and need to bring them back up front.  Also, when I’m talking, I realized that when I talk about food, students listen…and get hungry…and start thinking about food…and really want food..and can’t stop concentrating on food.

Student Response: Great groups.  I wandered in on some groups and everyone was totally happy to be there.  The community building has been great this series.

Personal Student Interaction: I had some good times with students but got distracted by a “wandering stranger” roaming in throughout the campus.  He ended up standing in the middle of the road and almost got hit by a car.  I had to call the police (who did an excellent job by the way) and they took the man home.

It made me think of other times an event has been interrupted by someone.  I’ll bet there are some crazy stories.  Maybe I’ll blog on it one time.  There was a crazy guy from Arizona that I had to deal with one time.  But last night, one of the students who was with me whispered under his breath, “Awkward!”  It made me smile.


~ by darthpastor on May 21, 2007.

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