Weekend Wrap Up: Parkcrest BBQ & Concert

This weekend we had an all church event. A BBQ and Concert to record a new Parkcrest worship CD.

HSM Students stepped up and served the rest of the church which was pretty sweet. They did a great job both serving and tearing down. I was very proud of them and we all had a great time together.

We had a good time at the concert. Each of our venue worship teams did a set. It was great to see the different expressions and personalities come out from the teams. Here’s some reflections, then pics:

  • I remember growing up thirsting for good worship music. Here we are so spoiled and often take it for granted.
  • Scott Moore rocked once again. I think he’s one of the musical talents that is so underrated. I’m so privileged to serve with him. One of our campus pastors joked “Just a normal Sunday.” And for Scott, it was a normal rocking Sunday.
  • Lakewood has a good team. Drew does a great job leading and his humbleness is good to see in a young leader.
  • JoJo’s charisma was clearly evident. How he interacts and leads the crowd is great.
  • Mike’s little sayings in between songs were hilarious. I couldn’t figure out if he was joking or playing strait. That was the best part, not being able to tell the difference.
  • It’s always fun worshiping in a packed house with an excited crowd.
  • The kind of environment was that of expectation: People were expecting God to be there. How do we replicate that and get students/people to come to church with the excitement that God is going to be there and do something?
  • I’m looking forward to spending time with studnets and our interns this summer. We had a fun time, laughed alot, and it’s only June.

The Live Band…

Our intern, Aaron “moved by the spirit” for a camera shot.

The Lakewood Band

Scott Moore and the Overdrive rocking the house.

HSM Serving Students. You guys are awesome!


~ by darthpastor on June 4, 2007.

One Response to “Weekend Wrap Up: Parkcrest BBQ & Concert”

  1. I really have to stop tilting my head to the side when I’m singing. LOL. Like I shared on Mike’s blog: Everyone of the bands is awesome to begin with, but something about last night — everyone just rocked it on a whole different level. I think what was most awesome is that when it was all over, people wanted more! It was great to see people so excited and eager to worship. And more so, it was great to have all of Parkcrest come together for a time of worship together. I know that for me growing up, getting to see adults during worship, and to come alongside them during that time was so key to me developing in my faith. I would see people who I considered to be mentors and leaders in the church and I would see how passionately they loved God and how that showed and was expressed in worship, and that got me excited about rising up as a leader within the high school ministry when I was a student. I know that your students have it in them… I pray that last night sparked something inside of them!

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