Gravity Conference Day 2

Today was a great day start to finish.  It was amazing.  Here’s some brief highlights.

The World Evangelism Simulation:

  •  I love watching students “get it”.  One student thought it was crazy that you couldn’t convert someone in just a few hours.  Another was so upset to be working on someone, only to be arrested and see students in prison playing video games while people outside were going to hell.

Raging Waters:

  •  There’s nothing like eating all you can eat churros and floating in the Lazy River while watching the stars.  And exclusive use of the water park is also amazing cause there are no lines.
  • The dragon slide was awesome for Shea and I to “accidentally” flip over two times in a row.
  • The staff at Raging Waters was abesolutely amazing!  Friendly, and relaxed.  They were great people and we’re so doing this again.

Late Night Talks:

  • My favorite thing about summer camp is the time to chill late at night and deep conversations come out.  I had  a great talk with one student regarding his relationships.  Then Shea, Aaron, and I talked about love and it was sweet.  I had a great time with this guys tonight and it was one of the highlights of my week so far.

~ by darthpastor on July 26, 2007.

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