So yesterday we left for vacation to visit our family in Idaho.  We took a new route this time going through Vegas than Utah.  I love it when I get to go on new roads I’ve never been on.  And in the Northwest, that’s hard to find.  But the little stretch between Vegas and Cedar City was new for me.  Beautiful red rock country.

We stopped in Vegas and hit the Mirage Secret Gardens and Dolphin habitat.  Both Judah and River loved walking around watching the dolphins.  Then we drove out to Cedar City, UT to stay the night.

There’s a Shakespire festival in Cedar City that Heather and really want to check out.  We hope we can sometime in the near future.  We totally miss Ashland’s Shakespire festival.

Last night, we (well, more like Heather and Judah) swam in the bug infested swimming pool (so gross).  This morning it’s breakfast at the Pastry Pub (my wife’s new favorite restaurant in Cedar City).  And we will be off traveling the length of the state of Utah and then to Idaho.

We’re really having a great time as a family.  It’s so funny watching the kids run around in the hotel.  Today we will see Aunt Bully Melissa.


~ by darthpastor on August 3, 2007.

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