Short Thoughts

Back to work.  A busy week trying to make sure everything is done.  Here’s some stuff I’m thinking about.

  •  After a great week with Heather’s family, my parents came in last week.  It was a good visit but my grandfather had to have gall bladder surgery and got an infection so they had to cut their visit short and head back to Oregon to see Grandpa.  It’s been a rough weekend of ups and downs but he’s slowly getting better.  If you’re reading this, could you say a short prayer for my Grandpa.  He’s been pretty influential in my life and it’s hard to see him get old.
  • We’re getting back to our routine at home.  It’s nice to be with Heather and the kids just us.
  • September 9th is coming quickly for HSM moving to Sunday mornings.  We’re excited and pumped for it to happen.
  • HSM Small Groups are moving back to midweek on Tuesday evenings.  I’m going to be leading a group this year and I’m excited to take some students through a couple of books I’ve been reading.  It will be fun.  If anyone knows of good people to lead or of a home that we could borrow on Tuesday evenings, please let me know.
  • Holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving are a ways off.  But Heather and I are looking forward to dressing up and feasting on good food.

~ by darthpastor on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Short Thoughts”

  1. i could probably walk 5 feet over to your office and tell you this…but, if you end up needing a house on a different night of the week, let us know. we have our small group on tuesdays, so we couldn’t give it up then, but on a different night we may be able to.

  2. Thanks. We may take you up on that.

    And on another note, thank you for staying in your office and conserving your energy. You know, in a world like today’s where people waste and deplete our natural resources so very rapidly, you are a man among men who stands in the gap of our energy deficit. Someday our children’s children’s children will thank you. 🙂

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