Upcoming Weekend Series

OK, with summer out of the way and small groups up and going, I can finally have some time to think about and talk about our weekend series we’ve been gong through and are extremely excited about.

What are you swimming in? Is our current series. We’ve been talking about living a life that is different than this culture. That means making decisions that will effect how others view us in this world.

I wanted to use the first logo for it but we opted for the second.

Next month we’re doing Survivorman!  We’re excited about talking about Surviving life with God when we’re in the Desert, Storms, Wilderness, and Regular times of life.  We’re going to experiment with teaching films this time.  So Kozmo, Scott, myself, and Ryan Moritz will be giving the main teaching to all of our campuses on location of wherever we are surviving from.

Ryan filmed yesterday out in the desert.  Scott’s going to a lake tomorrow to film.  Next week I’ll be heading up to the forrest to talk in the wilderness.  And Kozmo, well, he’s going to try to survive in his back yard.  (Maybe some of you have never been back there but it can be crazy!)

Our November Series is going to be great as well but I want to get some good graphics done before I share about that.


~ by darthpastor on September 20, 2007.

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