El Circulo Juvenil

I got to have lunch with a good friend Fausto Liriano, lead pastor of El Circulo Juvenil a church in the Dominican Republic. They are doing some amazing work in the capital city of Santa Domingo. A few years back I had the honor of going over there to help train youth workers in that country. It was amazing to think at that time, there were only a handful (three I think) of youth pastors in the entire country.

I remember meeting the people there, amazing people that made me want to know Spanish more and more because they were people I would want to hang out with all the time. Real genuine people who loved Jesus and loved one another. I thought, sure, we could help them out.  But when I got there, their church rocked!  I thought, maybe they could help us out.

El Circulo

I want to head back. The D.R. is a great place and it’s awesome to see God blessing them.

It’s neat to hang with other young pastors. No matter where you are, you struggle with the same things: balancing life, marriage, ministry, family, and whatever else is on the plate. It’s nice to know we’re not alone.


~ by darthpastor on September 27, 2007.

One Response to “El Circulo Juvenil”

  1. Brotha! Thanks for writing about El Círculo… hehehehe!! I didn´t know you got a blog, that is cool… I will come more often around here…
    Dios te bendiga,

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