Something good is happening!

You ever get the feeling like something is clicking?  Like something you’re apart of is really good?

Last night we had our HSM small group…and it was awesome!  Students are thirsty for God’s word and seeking after Him.

This year we’re having all the guys go through a book by Shane Claiborne.  And the guys are really getting into it.  Every group is loving the book.  We were supposed to only read one chapter each week and one guy read seven!

We have them highlights parts in the chapter that stuck out to them.  Then in my book I’m underlining them and putting their name by the highlight.  It’s awesome to have them share what they read and how it related to their life.  We would get off track once in a while but every time the off track was a question about God or the Bible that we would explore and then come back.  It was a good night.

One of the girls groups also met in our house last night.  (Scheduling conflicts at their normal home).  Their group was just as excited about their book.  I just went home really excited and thankful about where God is moving in the HSM ministry at this time.

In addition to that, we’re working on details for next year’s Nicaragua trip and Gravity conference as well as some awesome “Get on the Bus” events coming to Sunday afternoons later on this Fall.  This month’s Sunday series “Survivorman” is going to be sweet! Oh yeah, guys are going down to Mexico this weekend  and girls to Revolve next.

Sometimes in the midst of everything if I don’t stop to take a breath I miss out on what God is doing and how much He is at work here at Parkcrest.


~ by darthpastor on October 3, 2007.

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