Mexico and Revolve

The last two weekends HSM has been very busy. The guys went down to Mexico to work with Caravan Ministries to build houses. For the first time we had a Jr. High house, a Lakewood house, and a HSM house that was built!

The HSM site had a shack with a tarp for a roof. Hard to believe a whole family lives that way with the rain coming in like that.

It was awesome seeing the guys work together. And when we put up the walls, watching their eyes open wide realizing they were actually building a house for someone! It was sweet.

Last weekend Jessica took the girls to the Revolve Tour. They stayed in a hotel and had a great time. From what I hear, there was a bunch of screaming at the conference and staying up late talking at the hotel.

Here’s some pics:


~ by darthpastor on October 16, 2007.

One Response to “Mexico and Revolve”

  1. Hey Dustin long time no hear. Hope all is good with you. things here are good. Was just down your way to have kids check out Hope did not think about contacting you sorry about that. Just wanted you to know you were in my prayers today

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