Ray Lane

Some of my most early memories are of family. Many times at my grandparent’s house in Klamath Falls. Walking around the property this week brought up stirring memories of my grandfather. Memories of watering the horses filling up the old bath tubs with water so the horses could drink. Memories of stacking hay bales on hot summer days with grandpa. Memories of playing hours and hours of old time fiddler music with my grandfather. Memories of grandpa doing pull ups on the pull up bar in the hallway. Memories of grandpa sitting in his chair next to the warm wood stove.

The things I’ve learned from my grandpa Lane are many. How to wrap a rope. How to work hard. How to play music. How to take care of and respect your instruments. But most of all, I learned how to love.

Grandpa was always there for me.  He attended my graduations, wedding, ordination, and almost every special event I could think of.  I’m so glad to have been his grandson.  I will miss Him but I’m looking forward to playing music with him someday in heaven.

Classic Grandpa…

The same corner in front of the house…

Me and Josh with them as children…

At my wedding…

Judah w/Grandpa…

My children in the back yard right before a five point buck springs out from around the corner and almost kills them.  It was amazing!


~ by darthpastor on November 7, 2007.

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