Simply Strategic Student Ministry: #1

Keeping track of students is always difficult.  Many church databases are difficult to figure out and also expensive.  I have a friend at CCV in Arizona who uses a program called Solomon that is pretty cool.  But for those of us with not alot of money will most likely have Outlook and hopefully a good phone like a treo or iphone (a smartphone is such a good investment I think most churches should just pay for their pastors to have cause it’s such a good ministry tool).  I like to put my students that so I can have all my students on my phone just in case.

Export a list from your church’s database  to Outlook and sync your phone to your outlook and put them into categories by graduation year.  (That way, you won’t have to change a “freshmen” category to a “sophomore” category every year.)

There are normally “custom” categories down at the bottom.  I use one of those to put in the names of the parents.  Make sure you put in full names just in case the last names are different.  And there’s always multiple step parents to think about as well.

I also use one for the name of their school (just in case you have multiple schools around).  Then when you visit the school, you know who to look out for just in case you see them.

This is an easy way to keep track of your students.  It’s come in handy especially when I was away from the office and a student emergency came up.  I knew the student’s address, parents names, and had their contact information right there.

One last thing, if you have the birthday alarms in your phone, they will automatically come up and you can text them a “Happy Birthday”.   Students like texts almost more than a card or a phone call.  (And they’ll almost always answer you when they’re at school 🙂


~ by darthpastor on November 7, 2007.

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