Simply Strategic Student Ministry #2

Sundays have a horrible habit of coming around every seven days.  It is so difficult to come up with a new talk, lesson, and worship service each week.  The temptation to just walk into a lesson, crack open the Bible wherever it opens and start reading can be compelling.  That’s why my team likes doing lessons in series.

We do monthly series that allow us to think ahead about upcoming series and then we don’t get too bored with whatever series we’re in.  Normally by the fourth week we’ve been thinking about the topic so much we’re sick of it.  But for the students they seem to enjoy it.  Some series off the top of my head we’ve done are…Survivorman, Dirty Little Topics, Heroes, Wii: Don’t Live alone, and even a sweet Cooking Show series.  I’ll have to get a list together someday and put them online.

This also allows for seasonal topics like relationships in February, Family around Thanksgiving time, and Christmas.

The Summer time is a bit different.  We’re normally so busy we try to do a Summer long “blanket topic”.  One year we did “Thirsty” and talked about a bunch of bible stories that had water in it.  (Baptism, flood, water into wine, etc.)  One year it was “On Fire”.  Topics were stuff like Fire in my bones, Hell, Elijah & the Prophets of Baal.  We were able to find around 12 topics pretty easily.

The key is to be able to get the general ideas on paper so you can think about them and let them simmer.  You can slowly add creative elements such as videos, music, drama, or interactive elements.  We’ve found the best way to put this together as a team is through shared documents but I’ll talk about that another time.


~ by darthpastor on November 8, 2007.

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