Guitar Dreaming Update

OK, Still looking. Heather and I both talked about finding one that would be a classic and not “go out of style” so it’s narrowed down to a Tele.

A Fender Deluxe Nashville Power Tele:

Pros: Acoustic & 3rd Pick up

The Fender Classic ’69:

Pros: Light, Maple Fretboard

Fender Highway One Texas Tele:

Pros: American Made, Maple Fretboard, Possible satin fretboard

And I’m looking around for a “figured” Tele. I played one last night but it was way too expensive.

Any thoughts?


~ by darthpastor on November 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Guitar Dreaming Update”

  1. You gotta go for this guitar — this guitar.

    But of the ones you put up, I like the classic ’69.

  2. That is a nice guitar. Automatic tuners that keep your guitar in tune sounds nice. The ’69 is nice. Scott has that one and I love his sound. I need to get some time to sit down and play them all for a while.

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