Simply Strategic Student Ministry #5

Good quality volunteers will be the key to any good ministry.  My prayer is that there are more Christ centered adults who can come alongside students to help them grow closer to Jesus during their walk of life.

The goal of volunteers is to hopefully find long-term adults who can mentor the same student for a considerable amount of time.  I’ve had some who stayed with their students from 5th grade through graduation.  These are rare gems that should be encouraged and prayed for continually.

The key to getting adults to say for the long term is to allow them to fall in love with their students.  If the adults are committed to you, they will stick around as long as they like you.  If they’re committed to a particular program, once you change it, they might disappear.  But if the adults have a heart for their individual students, they will always be there in some way or another.

Here are just a few ideas to think about when encouraging adults to shepherd students.

  • The volunteer adults need to be the student’s pastor, not you.  That means get your ego and move it so you’re not the superstar.  Create opportunities where (properly trained) adults are responsible for the students when you’re not around.
  • Ask your adults about questions about their individual students.  The more they are thinking about their own students, the more they will want to guide them along the way.
  • Team up a younger volunteer with a…”more experienced” one. 🙂 Both are needed when shepherding students.  The young energy is great but if the maturity and consistency is not there, there won’t be any longevity.
  • Give volunteers seasons off.  And do your best not to ask them to do anything.  I give summers off of most staff.  A couple of months away and their begging to come back in the fall.

I’ll never forget the night when one of my most “manly” volunteers looked at me with tears in his eyes beaming sharing that he just saw a “Little Jesus” in the life of one of his students.

Volunteers are one of the most important things in Student Ministry.  They need to be highly valued.


~ by darthpastor on November 19, 2007.

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