Simply Strategic Student Ministry: #4

So the question today I have on my mind when considering leadership is, “Are you in a box?”  Have you put yourself in a box or has someone around you put you in a box?

What do I mean by box?   Do you have a vision that God has put in your heart that is not happening because people around you believe you will never be able to accomplish it,  grow, or change beyond your current situation?  I don’t know how much time we spend trying to do something within ministry yet we’re prevented from accomplishing it because the people around us either don’t believe you can do it or don’t see the vision you see.

So what are your options?  If you are hoping to move to the next level of ministry (and you can determine for yourself what that means) and you’re running into a road block, how to you navigate?

  • Option #1: Paint a picture of the way it could be:  That means vision casting to whomever you feel has put you in that box.  Show them something great can happen if they just believe (now I sound like some disney song).  But that kind of vision only is built if trust is involved…
  • Option #2: Built Trust: You will need to build trust with that person by spending time with them.  The more time you spend with them, the more they will get to know who you are.  You can also built trust by slowly winning smaller battles.  Perhaps after seeing you succeed in other areas, they can trust you with the big thing you want to do.
  • Option #3: Honestly Look At Your Box: Are you being unrealistic with your vision of what you want to do?  This is difficult because if after honest, unbiased counsel you may not be up for the task, you may need to readjust your perspective and get a new vision.
  • Option #4: Move Your Box: Perhaps your vision that God has given you is being blocked on a consistent basis of people with the power.  Know that God is bigger than all of us.  He hasn’t given you a vision for nothing.  The greatest leaders in history encountered opposition before they succeeded.  God has created you to serve His purpose at His time at His place.  Perhaps this place is not the place.

Just thinking.


~ by darthpastor on December 4, 2007.

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