Heather’s Wicked Birthday

For Heather’s Birthday we went to Hollywood to watch Wicked at the Pantageous Theater on Thursday. We went down early, drove on Hollywood Ridge Blvd (That is impossible to get off that road once you’re on it), walked the walk of stars, and ate down by the Chinese Theater.

Then we hit Wicked and it was amazing.  Excellent music, costumes, story…it had it all.  It was awesome.  I love the theater so much more than movies.  If it weren’t so expensive and such a drive, we’d be doing it all the time.  I’d love to go to New York and hit a bunch of plays.  That would rock.

I think the story is what hit me the most in Wicked.  One of the most powerful scenes in the performance was when after meeting the Wizard, Elphaba is faced with a choice of acceptance from the powers that be or following her convictions.  Wrenched at my heart for sure.

Glinda was awesome as the annoying but hilarious good witch.  My mother would love her humor.

I loved the new perspective on the Oz story.  I remember my father taking me to a theater in Ashland to watch the original.  And I’ve always thought Dorothy was kind of a whiny spoiled girl as well.

Heather and I had a great time.  Thanks to Dan & Tara who took our kids for the night we got to stay out late.  Also a big thank you to Heather’s family who got her the Wicked CD as well.



~ by darthpastor on December 17, 2007.

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