Holiday Traditions

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. We had a nice quiet time at home with just our immediate family. It’s so awesome to spend time with your family. Heather and I highly treasure these times with our family. We’ve found we like to create traditions and most of the time, because we enjoy it so much those traditions settle around food.

So here’s a few we just instituted this year…

  • Home Made Cheeseballs: I’ve been doing this for a while but they’re delicious. And I’m wrapping the balls in spiced pecans now which make it excellent.
  • Home made Candy Cane Ice Cream: I made a batch of home made ice cream and crushed in a whole package of candy canes. It was winterly delicious.
  • Great Grandma Lane’s Maple Bars for Christmas Eve Breakfast: I had to work on Christmas Eve so we celebrate a small Christmas Eve time in the morning before I have to take off. This year Heather made some of my grandmother’s maple bars. They were delicious. We ate so much, then got sick, then ate some for a special Christmas Eve breakfast. Then we gave the rest to our neighbors. They were amazing!
  • Christmas Cereals: We’ve been doing this for a while now but we get our favorite pick of cereals as a present on Christmas Eve to eat on Christmas morning. Heather’s choice is Lucky Charms, Judah and River got the variety pack and he loved Frosted Flakes. My choice, Cookie Crisp.

Mmmmmmmmmm Cookies!

  • New Years Eve Seafood: We decided to brave Crab and shrimp this year. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while. We picked up one Crab and a half a pound of uncooked shrimp from Costco. Surprisingly cleaning and peeling the uncooked shrimp wasn’t so bad and the taste was much better than pre-cooked. It turned out amazing. Much much much better than eating at Red Lobster. In fact, for the cheaper price, we ate so much more. Judah kept looking at the crab like it was going to get up off the plate and pinch him. His highlight of the meal is when I popped off the top to show him the crab’s brains. Boys are awesome!

    I know, alot of food. But it’s food to really look forward too.

    I hope everyone had a great time this Christmas season. 2007 was an up and down year. It was great in the middle and went down toward the end. I have great hopes for 2008. I have faith that God will take things to new heights.


    ~ by darthpastor on January 2, 2008.

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