Meyers Briggs Test

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Although I think I could also be an ENFJ as well.  I’ll have to admit to those around me that the Feeler is much more present within me now than it was in my earlier years.  Here’s a description for both.  Here’s the link to doing it yourself.

ENTJs  (Chief, Intellectual) are strategic, organized and possess natural leadership qualities. They are master coordinators that can effectively give direction to groups. They are able to understand complicated organizational situations and quick to develop intelligent solutions. ENTJs are outspoken and will not hesitate to speak of their plans for improvement. They are decisive and value knowledge, efficiency and competence.

ENFJs (Mentor) are externally focused, introspective, altruistic, positive and have excellent people skills. They place utmost importance on helping others grow. They are warm and have a natural desire to be supportive and encouraging. Being charismatic and posessing excellent language skills, they do well in leadership roles. ENFJs strive to enhance the lives of their human brethren.


~ by darthpastor on January 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Meyers Briggs Test”

  1. Hey dude, I know why you and I get along so well. According to Myers Briggs, we are complete opposites! And according to Paula Abdul, opposites attract. I put my results on my myspace profile.

  2. If Paul Abdul says so, it must be true!

    That’s funny how we’re opposite. But your Thinker/Feeler is pretty even as well.

  3. […] Rath’s book months ago and for some reason I haven’t posted much on it.  I posed my personality test and so I thought I’d post my strengths as […]

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