Voting 2008

Heather and I haven’t gotten into the politics circle because we felt it seemed to be too early. But last Saturday we watched the New Hampshire debates and had our first real exposure to both parties’ candidates. We both agree that our views and needs have changed as we have gotten older. It’s weird how life changes us.

A major issue that concerns us both is that of health care. I have to admit (and many conservatives will immediately turn me off now and not listen once I mention the name) that a recent film has really effected me. That film is called Sicko and it’s done by Michael Moore. I know his films are often extremely bias and so I often have to filter his views and investigate the truth behind many of his claims.

What hit me in that film was the whole idea that in other countries, the whole motive for health care was getting the people healthy. The doctors’ motives were in helping others and making a difference in the lives of people. Where here in the states, it’s become a business of making money with a side effect of getting people healthy. I tend to not like the systems that put money over human life.

Back to politics stuff, I also have always been kind of a “against the main stream” kind of guy. I don’t like politicians giving me blanket statements that sound good but have no truth or substance in them. Candidates from both sides often try to spin their own words to make them look good. I’m beginning to see through that in my older age.

I’m looking forward to the conversations that will happen in the future. I’m not looking forward to all the political television advertising. I’m looking forward to the Writers Guild Strike to end so we can see more debates like this…


~ by darthpastor on January 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Voting 2008”

  1. I only saw a few minutes of the debates on Saturday, but Ron Paul continues to impress me. Some of his ideas sound crazy, but I really do like his thoughts on the way a “constitutional” government should operate.

    And I do find myself a lot more political now than 4 years ago. Very interesting effect of getting older.

  2. I’m enjoying Ron as well. So who do you like on the democratic side? I always like seeing issues from different angles.

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