Church is a Team Sport

This weekend I picked up Church is a Team Sport by Jim Putman.  I knew Jim when I was in college.  We did some camps together.  Heather and I have both been reading this book.  The narrative of his journey has been interesting.  It’s funny because I can identify with so many aspects of it.  And I remember when he was in Oregon City and the ministry he’s done there.

I can identify with the reluctant attitude he has of being a preacher’s son.  His fear of his family not having a father in his life is real.  I know too many pastors children who’s father has deserted them for the church.  It’s a difficult struggle to balance family and ministry.

I also can relate to his struggle to resist lead pastoring or even church planting.  It’s funny how men of God would try to resist God’s calling.  Think of Moses, Jonah, even Paul.  Yet, when you’re in God’s will it’s the “sweet spot” where you’re at peace with the creator and being blessed beyond all means.

The turning point in his story thus far hit me when the leadership of the church decided that they had to make a choice between being a church that put priority on a show or a church that put priority on building a Biblical community.  It’s amazing to see how God has blessed their church.  This had a dramatic effect not only on the people but his staff as well.

So far this book has confirmed some great ideas that have been bugging me for some time now.  These ideas will have to be saved for another time but for Heather and I, they have become more clear to us.  Our convictions and what we believe God wants for us, as ludacrus and, as contrary to tradition as they may be make since.

I think Jim has Belief as one of his top strengths.  In all my experiences with him, his convictions have always led him.  I know how that feels.  Belief is in my top five strengths (I need to post those).


~ by darthpastor on January 14, 2008.

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