Confessions Update #2

Some deep stuff has come out this past week on the Confession site.  I’m glad we did this series (I know I already said that).  HSM has needed this.  Every time I read a new confession my heart breaks for the hurt student.

This weekend I encouraged each student to take the next step in confession.  First they needed to get it out (that’s what the site is for).  Next they need to confess to God who has promised to forgive us.  The third step is to confess to one another.

If people are just anonymously confessing without face to face confession, their lives will never change.  I know confessing to someone face to face is very difficult.  But it’s the only way to grow beyond our current circumstances.

I’m praying more high school students have the courage to confess on the site, to God, and to others.  I’m planning on writing something on the site later as we get into the series.  I hope the students have felt unconditional love from our staff as well as from God during this time.  The issues that have risen have been very deep issues but ones that need to have light shed on them.


~ by darthpastor on January 14, 2008.

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