Nice but…

OK, there is a bunch of new stuff announced by apple right now that I’m interested in. Yet, for some reason, it hasn’t gotten me out of my seat to go out and pick them up. So let’s take a look at some stuff…

MacBook Air:

  • +Nice and small
  • +A powerful machine I’m sure
  • -Expensive (Way expensive)
  • -For some reason, doesn’t hook me (it’s gotta be the price)

So instead, I’ll stick with my…

Powerbook G4 11 inch:

  • +love the size
  • +love the performance
  • +love it in general
  • -don’t like the power cord
  • -would like a larger hard drive (wouldn’t we all?)

On to the phones…


  • +WiFi
  • +Cool Phone
  • -Bad network
  • -Still waiting for 3rd party applications

So I’ll stick with my…

Palm 700p:

  • +Great performance
  • +Good wireless network (So far sprint has the fastest and the cheapest)
  • +Can play movies, tv, music, & games
  • +3rd party applications everywhere
  • -Size
  • -Don’t always like Sprint but who likes their wireless carrier?

Let’s think TV…

Apple TV:

  • +Sweet idea
  • +New one does HD
  • -Still doesn’t record
  • -You might as well put in a DVD player so you only have one box

Instead, I’ve looked at…

Archos 704 WiFi

  • +Plays all formats of video
  • +Will record live TV
  • +Portable (like a video Ipod)
  • +WiFi
  • -battery life
  • -gotta pay an extra $100 for the DVR setup

For Music…

IPod Touch:

  • +WiFi
  • +Color
  • +Plays videos, pictures, music
  • -only 8 gigs

So I’ll stick with my classic…

4G IPod (Black & White):

  • +20 gigs of pure music (none of that video or pictures to mess things up)
  • +Glow in the dark rubber protector case (can see it at night!)
  • -Getting kind of old (but it’s a classic)
  • -Black & White screen (I remember when I had a black and white television)


Nintendo Wii:

  • +Love it all around pretty much
  • +Love the sports.  Heather & my best score in golf is 8 under par.
  •  +Vintage games.  I love vintage games
  • -No DVD player (but I hear they’re going to put one in hopefully).

So until they put in a DVD player, I’ll stick with a…

Nintendo Gamecube:

  • +Fun to play
  • +It’s awesome to watch Judah play Zelda and jump around cause he’s so excited to play.

You know, after all the looking at these fun gadgets, I’m finding that I’m thankful for what I have. If I upgrade, it will be out of God’s blessings. But none of this stuff are needs, they’re wants. It’s a good feeling to be content. It’s nice to not need anything once you have God’s grace.


~ by darthpastor on January 15, 2008.

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