The Birth Day

Well, Green Pancakes for breakfast was a hit.  And Judah loves being sang to so we sang at every meal.

Then it was time for the party. The balloons were blown up. The cake was made. The Ninja Net was up in the living room. Scott graciously got us the TMNT movie. And it started to pour outside.

That didn’t matter. Inside, the neighbor kids had a blast. From decorating their boxes to put Ninja Turtle popcorn in to playing Turtle, Turtle, Ninja, to pelting me with balloons I think Judah’s party was a success.

And what really got to Heather and I was how much love was shown to our son. Thanks to Scott for getting the movie and giving Judah a turtle. Judah didn’t want presents, he wanted a party. But that didn’t stop our neighbors from giving him gifts. Even adult neighbors who Judah happened to give a flier too stopped by with presents and kind words. We truly felt loved. We were glad we did the party. And Judah was pretty thankful.

I asked Judah if he felt older now that he’s 5. His answer, yes, and I want to get holder here but when I’m in heaven I want to be a little boy again with grandpa.

Here’s some pics:

Both River and Judah loved the green pancakes.

Pretty thankful for grandma and grandpa’s package they sent.

There is a reason why he likes Michaelangelo.  He identifies with his personality.


~ by darthpastor on January 24, 2008.

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