Guitar Dreaming Update Update Update

OK, it is done.  I’ve graciously been given the “green light” and yesterday I went looking and was able to swing a deal…so here it is…

The Lite Ash Tele…the one I was hoping for more than all the others.  Josie (even though she didn’t know it) helped me get a deal at the shop and they had to special order it so it’s coming from the factory.  It should be here within the week.  I can’t wait!

And I was able to pick up a black Blues Jr. with the amount alloted me which was a miracle in itself.  But then I took it home and Heather said, is that the amp you really wanted?  And I have to admit, I kind of liked the tweed but it was a bit more.  So my awesome, wonderful, tremendous, wife told me to go and spend the little extra to get the…

Blues Jr. Vox Tweed 

Judah couldn’t have said it better, “Daddy it looks awesome!”  And it does.  And it also came with a sweet cover.  I knew Scott Moore wouldn’t be pleased if I didn’t get a quality amp.  Thanks to him, Ryan, and Nick for all the awesome advice.

I’m so thankful.  I’m thankful for the MMT’s gift.  Can’t wait to get the guitar and plug it in.  It’s truly a gift from God.

I know people will laugh but the odds of getting these exact things were pretty slim-especially within the budget.  It’s one of those things where God says, “I’m God.  I can do what I want.”  And I’m thankful to God for an awesome gift like this.  I also am confident He has plans for other things in our future as well.  We just get to wait for Him to show us.

I’m thinking of the verse, “Look at the birds of the field.  Doesn’t your Heavenly Father care for you so much more?”

Yes.  Yes He does.


~ by darthpastor on February 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Guitar Dreaming Update Update Update”

  1. dude…I’m completely stoked for you!…and jealous for me! I am looking at buying a Tele Thinline (I think that Scott Moore has two exactly like what I want…he used to!) Since using his gear back in the day I have made it my pursuit to put together his setup for myself! I have most of the pedals i want (certainly, not all…I don’t think I’ll ever be content), but I am looking at buying the same amp…not the tweed though…I can’t swing that one! And, once again, Scott had that amp! Let me know if you know if he’s selling any of his stuff! later…have fun!

  2. His ’69 thineline is one I really like as well. I borrowed a thineline when I was looking and brought it home. Heather liked it but when I would practice while we were watching TV, it was too loud even when it wasn’t plugged in. So we opted for the solid body. If I were to get a second it would either be the thineline or the Nashville Power Tele (cause of the strat pickups and acoustic bridge).
    Scott has a VOX AC30 now. Ryan bought his AC15. They’re awesome and sound amazing.
    I’m happy with this. I need to get a pedalboard setup now. A volume, overdrive, tuner, and the DD20 would be sweet.
    The amp rocks though. Pure tube power!
    Did you get my email?

  3. Sweet guitar. Sweet amp. Well done.

    Cheap pedalboard suggestions:

    tu-2 tuner (70-90$ from ebay?) the planet waves and fender pedal tuners are well spoken of also, for about 1/2 the price

    sd-1 ($39) or bad monkey ($39) overdrive

    dd-5 or dd-6 delay pedal ($100-ish on ebay)

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