We’re Off!

Well, we were expecting to pack Thursday and leave Friday morning. But yesterday after an awesome breakfast at Ruby’s on the pier, Scott and I picked up the truck and started packing. It took a whole 2 hours and we were packed. Students were planning on packing when they got off of school at three and were pleasantly surprised (or more bummed out) to see the Jeep on the trailer with the entire truck packed.

So we decided to go ahead and take off (since it was only 4 in the afternoon after we said our tearful good byes).

We got a couple of ours out. We’re up the hill out of LA. It feels weird knowing that we’re not “Heading back to LA”.

Judah’s first words this morning was, “I miss my friends.” And we really do miss our friends. We love the people here and we love SoCal. It’s going to be tough. But we are looking forward to seeing family and looking forward to seeing what God has planned for our future.

A few highlights from the trip so far:

  • The day was beautiful topped by an amazing sunset.
  • Buttonwillows smells like cows.
  • Heather was extremely comfortable driving in LA. Once we got out, it got real dark. We forgot how dark it gets outside of the city.
  • I was wondering why my passenger side door on the truck was so noisy but then I realized it wasn’t closed the whole trip.
  • Towing a Jeep sure eats gas. I’m not looking forward to filling up.
  • Our kids love hotels. Especially jumping on the beds after hours in the car. The bathtub is a highlight too.
  • We’re off to Fairfield to stay tonight. Tomorrow we’ll meet with the New Day team. We’re excited to meet them face to face!
  • River & I blogging in our hotel room…


    ~ by darthpastor on February 29, 2008.

    3 Responses to “We’re Off!”

    1. Thanks for the update! I tried calling about someplace to stay and I was hoping you found a hotel. Have a safe rest of the way!

    2. Yeah I was roaming and all I got was a voice mail message alarm after we got up the hill. Thanks for the heads up though!

    3. I didnt get to say goodbye because we’ve all been sick 😦 Dustin, Please tell Heather I will call her soon! I miss you guys already!!!!

      Love Judy (Torralba)

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