Driving with Grandma

My grandma was married for almost 60 years before grandpa passed away last Fall. She was married right out of her 8th grade year. Their entire marriage my grandpa drove. She never got her driver’s license. So now, at age 75, she’s planning on getting her permit. When we were driving her home the other night, I asked, “So do you want to try driving?” She grinned kind of honery like and said, “Sure.”So we went driving. She got that funny grin on her face that kind of made me a bit nervous but she did awesome! She was doing great. Then she started talking, just like normal and I thought, “Just concentrate, no need to talk.” But she did great. Didn’t stall the car at all even on a hill. Of course, grandpa had her drive a bunch before when he was haying so it wasn’t her first time but I think it gave her a bit of confidence.Hopefully soon she’ll take her written test and be off to the races!Grandma driving and talking…Grandma’s mischievous grin…


~ by darthpastor on March 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Driving with Grandma”

  1. I got on!! Miss you guys and I hope your visit is going well.

    Love ya,


  2. Welcome back to Oregon Dustin!

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