Goldsworthy Puffs

Today was kind of a lazy Saturday. We had a great time playing and watching movies. Judah and River love grandma and grandpa’s house. They think it’s huge. Heck! I think it’s huge compared to where we’ve been living.

For lunch we made pigs in a blanket and these…

We had these first at the Goldsworthy’s house and loved them. Then we made them as well and now we call them Gold Puffs because they puff up nice and golden and remind us of the Goldsworthys. It was almost as good as their puffs (except we were missing the bread crumbs). Good memories.

Then we went swimming at the pool here in town and finished the day off by making orange chicken and pork fried rice. It was a nice day.


~ by darthpastor on March 16, 2008.

One Response to “Goldsworthy Puffs”

  1. nice. good name 🙂

    hope all is going well. been meaning to give you a call. hopefully will get a chance this week.

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