Sunday At Holley

We went to Holley Christian Church this weekend. It was nice to just sit and enjoy. We got in a little late (doesn’t everyone?) so we missed the first bit of worship. From what my parents tell me, they’ve been through alot of battles (just like almost every church in Oregon). But in the aftermath, God seems to be moving. There were a bunch of young families. The worship was great, and the people seemed to authentically seek after God.

We saw an old friend Rudy Pickens from college. He and his wife are leading worship at the church. I remember him cleaning out his corroborators in his dorm room making the entire place stink like gasoline.

One of the cool things they were doing were “Tag your it” cards. They were little cards that just say “Tag you’re it” on one side and the church info on the back. The idea is to do something kind for someone like pay for the person behind you and ask the clerk to just give the person the card. Some had bought coffee, others had bought Subway.

I’ve been thinking about just different ways a church can be visible to the community off of Sunday mornings and this was a good idea. It was simple and especially relational.


~ by darthpastor on March 17, 2008.

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