Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 32. It’s weird getting older because, in your mind you’re as young as you ever was. Like just out of high school. But on the outside, you’re getting older and starting to grow hair where there was none before (I have a happy trail on my back. YUCK!)

We spent a quiet day at the house.  Judah and Grandma made a sweet “Happy Birthday” banner complete with custom transformers artwork. When my parents got home they took us all out to Los Dos Amigos, a great Mexican restaurant in town. Then we came home and had cake.

It was pretty sweet blowing out the candles with both my children in my lap helping me. Funny thing, Judah when we were at the restaurant kept trying to tell our waiter that it was my birthday. It’s pretty awesome being loved by people. His desire to have them sing to me meant a great deal to me knowing that my son loves me.

32…I’m trying to think of what players wear that number. I think Magic Johnson did, same with Karl Malone when he was in Utah and Shaq when he wasn’t playing for LA. Jordan, of course was 23. Bird is next year at 33.

I know that God will be taking us to new places this year. I pray we follow Him with confidence.


~ by darthpastor on March 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “32”

  1. I was home sick yesterday and pretty much out of commission, otherwise I would have shot you off a Happy Birthday e-mail. The banner and dinner and cake sound great. TMI on some of that other aging stuff. LOL.

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DUSTIN!!!!!! Yes, it’s weird getting older. But listen to an old song and you are right there back in time again. Enjoy those litttle ones while they can still sit on your lap! God bless you my friend.

  3. Happy Birthday Dustin! If I was there I would challenge you to a game of ‘Scorched Earth’.


    Colby “Smelly Feet” House

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