New Day Here We Come!

I don’t know if anyone from New Day reads this. But I thought I’d mention how Heather and I are looking forward to heading down to visit with the New Day church tomorrow.

We’re excited to meet you all and spend some time with you in Santa Rosa. We will get to worship with you and then I’ll get to give the talk wrapping up the “Jesus I Never Knew” series.

We’re also pumped to check out some wine country. Judah can’t wait to fly in a jet (he’s been on them before but he may actually remember this one).

I’ve been processing my talk this week. I’m get to talk about the Kingdom of God. One particular passage that is standing out in me is from the Lord’s prayer where Jesus says, “May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

So the question to ask is, what is God’s will? And what can we do here on earth to accomplish it? Those are the questions we will be seeking out as we meet new friends and try to follow God’s will.

See you tomorrow!


~ by darthpastor on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “New Day Here We Come!”

  1. I always wondered what he meant by “Give us today our daily bread.” – can you elaborate on this?

    Have a good week!


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